SRF Boneless American Wagyu Ribeye

SRF Boneless American Wagyu Ribeye

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Our top of the line boneless ribeye steak is hand-cut to 2" thick and is infused with Gold Grade level marbling for spectacular juicy beef flavor and a naturally tender texture. The Gold Grade traditional ribeye is hand-selected from our American Wagyu beef graded at 9 or more on the Japanese Beef Marbling Scale (BMS). This might be our most magnificent steak. Each thick-cut American Wagyu steak includes the richly marbled center eye and the rare cap section for a complete ribeye eating experience. This showcases our American Wagyu beef with the traditional flavor favored by American palates combined with the rich buttery essence of Japanese Wagyu. 

Cut 2 inch thick.

Average 20 ounces.

Local Delivery available.

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